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Date idea: Experimental Cocktail Club

In front of an old dusky unmarked door in China Town Soho, stands an unintimidating plainly, yet slightly smartly dressed man smoking a cigarette. To any unknowing tourist or local passer by, this door is nothing but just that, a door. And the man, just another man lulling about on the grey streets of Central London - but hidden behind this dark, paint strewn wooden door, is one of London's best kept secrets.

What not to do on a first date

C'mon, we all know it. When it comes to dating, first impressions really do count! Well.. I guess in this day and age I should say second impressions. The first impression is usually put to bed rather quickly with a simple left or right swipe - but second impressions, the first irl date.. now they really, really do count.  

I would like to think by now that I am an experienced dater, well that is to say that I have been on a lot of dates! First dates, as Carrie Bradshaw would say - are just job interviews with cocktails. They can be scary, intimidating, confusing. They can go well if you play your cards right, but if you throw in a bad trick, oh boy can they be ugly. In a rather belated follow up The SEXplanation post with my good friend the mansplanation - I will be letting you in on a few first date no-nos from a gal's perspective! Fancy reading his post on the same topic from a guy's POV? Check it out here! Now, on with the post...

Can sex be good without an orgasm/Is he bad in bed?

I had no idea what to title this post, honestly I was at a complete stump, but it's something I knew I wanted to talk about as soon as I had a conversation with my good friend Emily last week. We were having a girly night, you know, pizza, prosecco, sex talk, one of those nights.

"Do you ever just really was sex" she asked, at first I thought it was a joke, of course I did, everyone does don't they? "Like, you just want the weight of a man on you and a dick in you - whether you cum or not is irrelevant". 


Earlier this year I dated a guy called Joe*. Joe also just so happened to be a bit of an internet personality himself. Although focusing his content mainly around food and fitness, he also commented from time to time on relationships. Here's what he had to say in one of his latest videos: DO NOT CHASE WOMEN. The moment you chase a woman is the moment you give up power, masculinity, the moment you become low value in her eyes.. so how does this theory play up in the real world? 

The Billionaire

Robert Willingsworth was a big time New York entrepreneur. Owning shares in several global companies and his own chain of Downtown New York bars, Robert was no stranger to money. I had met him once when he was down in London for business. We had talked for a while at the bar before he had to rush off, but not before giving me his number..

Is it okay to use men for sex?

It took me a second before I recognised Craig. He had tapped me on the shoulder and spoke my name in a very shocked yet friendly manner. I had gone on a grand total of four dates with Craig back in January of that year, it faded out but I wasn't all too bothered about it. 

The tinder date disaster: fame, fights and flaking

As the clock struck midnight and everybody kissed; strangers, boyfriends, friends - all joined in celebration. The New Year had begun. As with every other New Year I had made a few resolutions, and unlike other years , this time I was determined to stick to them. I din't go for eating healthily or starting the gym, I went for something attainable, something I actually wanted to do and should have started doing a while ago. I decided that I would start saying yes to things I would normally say no to. Number one: going on a tinder date.