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The Billionaire

Robert Willingsworth was a big time New York entrepreneur. Owning shares in several global companies and his own chain of Downtown New York bars, Robert was no stranger to money. I had met him once when he was down in London for business. We had talked for a while at the bar before he had to rush off, but not before giving me his number..

Is it okay to use men for sex?

It took me a second before I recognised Craig. He had tapped me on the shoulder and spoke my name in a very shocked yet friendly manner. I had gone on a grand total of four dates with Craig back in January of that year, it faded out but I wasn't all too bothered about it. 

The Chase

'The chase' that odd metaphor you've never truly understood but have heard about countless times 'men like a chase'. Maybe it goes back to primal instincts, that men love to hunt, chase, play with their prey before catching and consuming every last part of it.. The thrill of the case...

The tinder date disaster: fame, fights and flaking

As the clock struck midnight and everybody kissed; strangers, boyfriends, friends - all joined in celebration. The New Year had begun. As with every other New Year I had made a few resolutions, and unlike other years , this time I was determined to stick to them. I din't go for eating healthily or starting the gym, I went for something attainable, something I actually wanted to do and should have started doing a while ago. I decided that I would start saying yes to things I would normally say no to. Number one: going on a tinder date.

Fancy 15% of Vibrators? Read on...

As you may have read a while back on the blog, Smilemakers are a totally fab, friendly non-scary vibrator brand sold predominantly in Superdrug stores (click here to read the review of my two favs).  With a solid mission in life to stop the taboo surrounding sex toys and female masturbation (we love them!) Well good news, not only can you buy them in-store, but, if per-say you live in the middle of nowhere.. or perhaps don't like the idea of buying a vibrator irl (no shame, but scary, I must admit) then you can now buy them online!! To celebrate the launch of Smilemakers' new online site, we've teamed up to offer the lovely readers of Not Just Sex a rather nifty 15% off! Want to know how you can get this discount? Read on...

Holiday Sex: The Reality

"Oh so you're that girl' my friend smirked as I told him I'd slept with the hotel Rep when I returned from a girls holiday. He was implying that I was the type of girl who sleeps with the hotel rep on an adventurous, slutty, fast paced adventure. I wish it was that simple. His name was Luke. Perhaps it was due to his uncanny resemblance to Jack Whitehall, or maybe it was his quaint yet cocky Irish accent but one thing was for sure, I liked him instantly.

Why 'jack-rabbit' sex is NOT okay

He was undeniably cute. I had made up my mind on the first date that I would probably be going home with him on the second. I was excited to sleep with him, the type of guy that made my vagina flip every time he crossed my mind. Just the thought of him turned me on. His big strong arms pinning me down were all I could think about when he placed them, gently around my waist. His soft lips making their way down every part of my body was all I saw, when he pressed them against mine. The idea of getting him into bed was all that could fill my mind every time I left him.