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Nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards 2016

Hello my fabulous readers! As you may be aware, the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards are in their nomination stage.. Earlier this year I was shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award and I would absolutely LOVE to try my hand at being in the running for this award too!!

At the 2016 Blog Awards
The award I would love to be nominated for is the Best Sex & Relationship Influencer 2016. If you have ever found comfort or condolence in my blog, if one of my posts have ever resinated with you, if my advise has ever helped you in any way or if I have ever made you chuckle.. then it would mean the absolute WORLD to me to be nominated for this prestigious award! 

If you would like to nominate me then please do not hesitate to visit this link: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/entertainment/news/a45587/cosmopolitan-influencer-awards-2016/

Thank you so so much!!

Love and Kisses,
Belle x

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As you may have notised, Not Just Sex has been pretty dormant for a while. This is because I have recently moved and as a result well, things have been pretty hectic around these parts.. but alas, I have settled in and ladies and gentlemen, I am back in business! Now, to kick start getting back into the blogging routine I have a very special opportunity for you. You may have notised that it has not only been a while since I have posted, but also a while since I have done a giveaway, competition or special deal. That's about to change. I have teamed up with adult toy company Carvaka to come up with an amazing giveaway for THREE lucky readers! Interested? Read on to see how you could be in with a chance of winning an amazing bundle of prizes...

The 'pornization' of sex

"I'm not sure I really want to sleep around" said a newly single friend of a friend, the quiver in her voice was eminent. "I'm scared to sleep with someone new - boys are all into that chocking shit these days". I smirked upon hearing this. Mainly because it was true. The introduction of something that was once so new and taboo, in our modern-day hook-up culture had become, detectably normalised. I thought back upon my list of lovers in detail. It was true, something had definitely happened, upon the last year or two.. chocking, BDSM qualities during sex, even during the first time having intercourse with a person, was.. normal. 

Date idea: Experimental Cocktail Club

In front of an old dusky unmarked door in China Town Soho, stands an unintimidating plainly, yet slightly smartly dressed man smoking a cigarette. To any unknowing tourist or local passer by, this door is nothing but just that, a door. And the man, just another man lulling about on the grey streets of Central London - but hidden behind this dark, paint strewn wooden door, is one of London's best kept secrets.

What not to do on a first date

C'mon, we all know it. When it comes to dating, first impressions really do count! Well.. I guess in this day and age I should say second impressions. The first impression is usually put to bed rather quickly with a simple left or right swipe - but second impressions, the first irl date.. now they really, really do count.  

I would like to think by now that I am an experienced dater, well that is to say that I have been on a lot of dates! First dates, as Carrie Bradshaw would say - are just job interviews with cocktails. They can be scary, intimidating, confusing. They can go well if you play your cards right, but if you throw in a bad trick, oh boy can they be ugly. In a rather belated follow up The SEXplanation post with my good friend the mansplanation - I will be letting you in on a few first date no-nos from a gal's perspective! Fancy reading his post on the same topic from a guy's POV? Check it out here! Now, on with the post...

Can sex be good without an orgasm/Is he bad in bed?

I had no idea what to title this post, honestly I was at a complete stump, but it's something I knew I wanted to talk about as soon as I had a conversation with my good friend Emily last week. We were having a girly night, you know, pizza, prosecco, sex talk, one of those nights.

"Do you ever just really was sex" she asked, at first I thought it was a joke, of course I did, everyone does don't they? "Like, you just want the weight of a man on you and a dick in you - whether you cum or not is irrelevant". 


Earlier this year I dated a guy called Joe*. Joe also just so happened to be a bit of an internet personality himself. Although focusing his content mainly around food and fitness, he also commented from time to time on relationships. Here's what he had to say in one of his latest videos: DO NOT CHASE WOMEN. The moment you chase a woman is the moment you give up power, masculinity, the moment you become low value in her eyes.. so how does this theory play up in the real world?