Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Does dating a transgender person make you gay?

Does dating a transgender make you gay?

Gigi Gorgeous is one of my favourite bloggers/people. She's beautiful, strong, independent and  transgender. I watch her videos religiously and google her constantly. A friend of mine also shares my obsession, she is also however a little more curious than I. When looking into Gigi online, shefound a forum disguising whether or not men would date someone who identified as a woman although they had been assigned a male at birth. The responses were generally the same old schmuck you'd imagine. 'Of course not, I'm not gay' - ' Doesn't matter how hot a girl is, if she used to have a dick I would never go there'.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Why the 'I have a boyfriend' excuse is the worst

I have a boyfriend stop

So you're just walking down the street, minding your own business and trying to get where you wanna be. You see some guy running up behind you and you know for sure he's gonna try one of two things a) chat you up, or b) mug you (you're kind of hoping it's the latter). He gets you talking and even after several blunt replies and sarcastic Lucy Watson bitch stares he still doesn't get the message and asks for your number. What's your response?


Monday, 6 July 2015

Things that make me swipe left of Tinder

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Tinder, love it or hate it we can all say we've tried it. For some, it was simply a fling, for others swiping became a full time addiction. Tinder is a place where guys and gals from all over can decide within seconds whether or not they would ever date you, as a result it becomes instantly important to make a great first impression.. In this post I will talk about all of my tinder turn offs and turn ons, what makes me swipe left, and what makes me swipe right. A tinder perspective from a 20-something year old girl.. enjoy
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