Monday, 6 July 2015

Things that make me swipe left of Tinder

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Tinder, love it or hate it we can all say we've tried it. For some, it was simply a fling, for others swiping became a full time addiction. Tinder is a place where guys and gals from all over can decide within seconds whether or not they would ever date you, as a result it becomes instantly important to make a great first impression.. In this post I will talk about all of my tinder turn offs and turn ons, what makes me swipe left, and what makes me swipe right. A tinder perspective from a 20-something year old girl.. enjoy

Things that make me swipe left

Muscle Tees

Nothing is worse than muscle tees. Incase you don't know what this is, it's (hardly) a tee shirt which has super long arm holes, a super long neck hole and basically is barely even a top at all. The one and only purpose of this type of garment is to show off your muscles, hence the name. The fabric usually has such little presence that you can see the nips. It says 'I'm a typical lad, I love sexist jokes and jaeger bombs'. That is the vibe these tops give off. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Tiger Pics 

If your main picture, or infact any of your pictures involve you lying next to a sedated tiger, I will not want to know you. This does not make you seem dangerous, it makes you look like an idiot who cares more about spending wasted money on a cool photo opportunity than the welfare of the animal in it.

Telling me how much you lift

I don't care. No one cares. Please stop.

Bios like 'Please swipe left if you're a fatty'

You definitly won't get any 'fatties' liking your profile this way. You're also not going to any women of any shape or size swiping right either. Even if your body looks sick in that cheeky muscle tee.

Instagram/Snapchat links in your bio

Do you want a date or followers? Make up your mind.

When your only pics are lads holiday pics

This says 'I'm a lad, I love banging drunk chicks, I probably won't call you again and I might have an STD, who knows.' Just put up a picture with a puppy, girls love puppies.

Things that make me swipe right

Humor/Not taking themselves seriously

I love this. Tinder is a place for first impressions, and if you give off the first impression of being an all around funny guy I can garuntee your likes will go up significantly. 

A Decent Bio

Something that actually lets me know, briefly of course, who you are and what you do (no this does not include stating your height!) If you're serious about getting something out of tinder, just treat it like a mini-dating profile, highlight your good qualities and leave out the bad ones, simple.

Pictures with kids/animals

Shows you're a loving, kind guy. No brainer.

[Disclaimer: This post isn't intended to cause any harm or offence, it's just silly. If muscle tees and tiger pics are your thing then go for it!]

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