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My sex education experience

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I have no idea whether sex education has improved since I was in school but my experience was definitely unhelpful. I had three bouts of the 'education' from the united kingdoms educational facilities. Two lessons in primary school, two in secondary school and one in college. Neither were more helpful than the others.
In primary at the grand old age of 11 we were made to sit in front of a television (one of the big boxy ones on wheels usually only bought out when the teacher was hungover or had no time for a lesson plan). On this television we were shown a rather short VCR about eggs and sperm, the same stuff every child had read in their 'how are babies made?' picture books. We then watched an even shorter clip on masturbation whilst our male teacher sniggered in the background. This sounds quite seedy but it really did glaze over the topic quite tremendously. It talked briefly about urges and how it was okay and natural to respond to them. I do also remember that this clip only focused on male masturbation and said nothing about female masturbation, even though female urges kick in at a young age as well. The second lesson we received was a female only lesson. all the girls were made to sit on the mauve carpeted assembly hall whilst a female teacher moseyed over the changed our bodies would soon be going through, and if I remember correctly we were also shown a sanitary towel.

When I got to secondary school the focus was more on satis and safe sex. I might not say too much on this section as it is definitely the time I remember the least. I suppose it must have been truly unmemorable if I remember my primary experience in far more detail. We were definitely shown a chart of how open to STI's you could be from having unprotected sex with one person (that one person has slept with two people and they each have slept with three more etc etc.) We were then made to make up slogans and draw banners with pictures on promoting safe sax 'don't be silly wrap that willy' and all of that. I think in a another class we were shown rather graphic pictures of STI's that although shocked us were sincerely forgotten by break.

Moving on to my experience at college. In our first year of college we had to attend a compulsory 'life skills' class once a week. We had one class on sexual education and it mostly complied of everything we already knew. The most important thing I took from that class was the phrase 'like picking up a two pence piece with your vagina' i.e the most British explanation of how to perform a kegel exercise I have ever had the honour of hearing. At the end of the hour long lesson we were made to put a condom on a banana and were rewarded with a purple bag of condoms if we could do it successfully. I remember getting really embarrassed at this point as we had to do it one-by-one with the guest teacher and rest of the class watching. I however managed to successfully complete this challenge (although I have never actually had to perform this in reality - turns out men already totally get how condoms work).

That's it. That is the entire history of every sex education class I have ever entitled and it's contents, satisfied? Nope, me neither. This is not sex education, this is teaching unmemorable facts. Not once was I taught about female masturbation, although male masturbation was bought up more than once. Never was I told about female-centerer problems, such as inability to reach orgasm, vaginal wetness or dryness, UTI's or in fact anything beyond the go-to thrush explanation. The topic of objectification of women, the pornization of sex or anything in fact that would have been any use to myself or my other fellow classmates who were on the verge of adulthood.

I can only hope that in the future, young educated teachers will take a more modern and open approach to sex education. Promoting the freedom of our sexuality, and the problems that we will face, other than just STI's. Safe sex is something to be promoted of course, but other issues are equally as important. Many studied have proclaimed that most young people gain their sex education from porn, is that really such a surprise? I am however very glad that the internet is so accessible to young people. So that sites such as cosmopolitan and sex bloggers such as myself and many others provide young men and women with honest, true answers and advise about the crazy and complicated world of sex.

Let's raise a glass to the hope I have in our younger generations future in sex education.

Belle x


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