Monday, 4 January 2016

Vote for Not Just Sex in the UK Blog Awards

Exciting news once again for the blog.. Not Just Sex has been nominated for best Dating blog best Story Teller in the UK Blog Awards!! If you want to show your support, click read more to find out why and HOW you can vote...

What are the UK Blog Awards?

The UK Blog Awards is a prestigious UK based blogging event in which the readers of blogs have the chance to show their dedication and support by voting for their favourite bloggers to win in their categories.

How do I vote?

Simply follow this link (also below) enter your name, email address and which category you would like to vote for Not Just Sex to win and hey presto, vote counted!

Why should I vote for Not Just Sex?

Not Just Sex is a 'sex positive' blog that aims to answer many of life's sex-based questions (and I
assure you, there are many!) Using a combination of humour and personal experiences along with facts, figures and guest posts I aim to encourage the readers of all generations to be more open and comfortable about sex. Not Just Sex focuses primarily on the more embarrassingly perceived aspects of sex such as STI checks, 'queefing', virginity and problems such as vaginal dryness or over-lubrication.

If you enjoy reading my blog it would mean the absolute world to me if you could take the time to follow the link and vote for me in one or both categories!!

Belle x

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