What is 'Not Just Sex'?

'Not Just Sex' is a blog about all things surrounding sex; relationships, friendships, equality, awkward moments, lifestyles - not just sex. This blog will cover many issues - from sexual, to personal, to just pure odd.

Why did you start 'Not Just Sex'?

I started 'Not Just Sex' as an output for my own opinions and experiences, but also to supply other people with knowledge about sex and relationships. 

Who are you?

I am originally a vaguely sucsessful beauty blogger. I am a female 20-something living in the UK. For now, I'm anonymous (I figured owning a sex blog could prove vaguely tricky in later life) This may not always be the case - but we'll see.

What made you think of the name?

The name was the main thing holding me back from starting this account. I had already writen a few posts and sketched out plenty of ideas for posts, but I had no name to post them under. I wanted something that said 'this blog is about sex - but it's also about a ton of other stuff - but mainly sex'. Upon telling my best friend this over coffee one day she simply said "well why don't you just call it 'Not Just Sex'. It was perfect. A phrase used often to explain many a relationship and also a summary of the things I would be posting. We searched the domain to see if it was available and Hoozah - 'Not Just Sex' came to be.

How can I get involved?

By tweeting me at @notjustsexblog or emailing me at notjustsex@outlook.com to share your stories, ask questions or suggest topics! Anything you send me will be kept anonymous. I will update topics I want opinions shared on twitter so you can be part of the story!

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